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orange squash

Superior Taste

The flavor, color and quality of produce allowed to ripen properly on the plant is superior to anything picked early and ripened artificially. Many fruits and vegetables in your megamart look nice enough, but lack the vibrant flavors of fully ripened produce.


Many of our friends and neighbors have gardens at home. Very often these gardens produce more than they need. Rather than let these wonderful extras go to waste, SquashCart wants to enable them to offer what they grow to the community. If you knew your neighbor down the street had fresh, ripe tomatoes available today, would you stop by there before you headed to the megamart? We know we would!

orange squash

Impact on Local Markets

We love our local markets. We anticipate a minimal impact, if any, on these markets. The same people who go to the farmer's market now, will continue to do so. We are regulars at our local markets. The farmer's market works and will continue strong as ever.

How will SquashCart stay in business?

We believe in transparency. We have no problem explaining our fees. We add a 6% transaction fee for all items purchased through the SquashCart market. Would it be easy to contact the seller directly and avoid the transaction fee? Of course, but we put our trust in community spirit. We believe that people will be so happy with the service SquashCart provides that they would be happy to pay the fee to ensure it remains available.

Many of our sellers will not have their own merchant accounts, and using the SquashCart market will ensure they don't have to get one. When you purchase online you are "reserving" that product from the farmer. It would be a shame to drive out to your farmer only to find the item you wanted was sold out.

orange squash


Get to know your local growers. Become a regular and help ensure healthy, fresh, ripe foods are available right here. Find variety, quality and make new friends.

Restaurants, Bakers, Caterers, other Food-based Businesses

Find local sources, for your fresh foods in minutes. Connect with local growers to achieve greater variety, amazing quality and unbelievable taste.

orange squash

Buying on SquashCart

SquashCart aims to make finding fresh, delicious, local-grown foods easy. Enter a zip code above and start now.

Selling on SquashCart

In a few minutes, you can be selling your fresh grown goods on SquashCart. Examples of what you can sell on SquashCart are:

  • fresh grown fruits, vegetables, and other edibles
  • fresh eggs and honey
  • seeds, compost and mulch
  • home baked goods, jams, jellies and ice cream

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